In grade school I published a newsletter. Sure, I loved playing hockey, but I also published a newsletter. I’m not sure that’s typical behavior for a grade school boy, but I’ve always enjoyed the process of making and publishing.

In college I had a blog. Blogging was new back then. Today that blog lives on my computer as text file waiting for me to dig through it to find some old writing worth revisiting. Maybe I’ll do that someday.

I’ve used Tumblr the past few years with mixed results; posting binges have usually preceded long droughts. I’m keeping that Tumblr alive, but now’s the time for something new.

Today I’m launching a personal website. The domain is my based on my name; this is my spot on the web. It’s a blog, that is, a place where an author posts writing arranged in reverse chronological order. I’m pursuing a “launch and iterate” model for this launch. I’ve got ideas to expand the site, but, for now, I just want to bring it online.

Lately I’ve been giving more time and attention to writing. This new website is designed to support the process of thinking through writing. I agonized over a simple slogan to describe the general thrust of the site and came up with, “Writing on art, skill, and craft in Christian vocation.” While I reserve the right to write on any topic, my primary interests fall in the area of art, skill, and craft used to serve the cause of Christ. For now the site includes the text posts that I wrote for my site on Tumblr, as well as articles I’ve written for the WELS Hymnal Project.

I can’t say how often you should revisit the site looking for something new, but I can say that a much better use of your time would be to subscribe to my mailing list or add my RSS feed to the reader of your choice. Then you’ll know when something is new around these parts. If you’re on Twitter you can follow me there, too.

Now it’s time to write again.

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